Sunday, March 02, 2014

Luna Lair

Another dollhouse??? YES, ANOTHER DOLLHOUSE. It's tiny though, so it will be fine.


I'm happy to introduce you to the crabbiest owl in the whole world, Ollie. I got him from CloverFourteen on Etsy, and he's ADORABLE. 

He needed somewhere to live, so I got him a half scale Buttercup by Corona Concepts, which is owned by Greenleaf. I've never done half scale before, so I was very pleased to see that Ollie fit in there perfectly. This house is now Luna Lair (yes, I love alliteration):

Ollie? He's angry. I love my little perturbed friend:

Just for fun, I popped him inside of the Beacon Hill's Heritage Room. I could have fit three of these houses in there and still had room methinks:

Can you find it?

I crack me up.

*cracks up*


Jane Smith said...

I do love a little house inside a little house ;P

Ollie looks to be a good foreman for your projects!


otterine said...

I definitely think perturbed is the right word - not angry, necessarily, just has his feathers all ruffled up. :D He's gonna need a "keep off the grass" sign for his lawn.

Sarah K. said...

Oh neat, I love seeing the house inside the house. I really ought to try smaller scales to save space.

Ollie is fantastic, even if he is grumpy.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You crack me up with some of your minis. Love the owl.

Debora said...

Yep, a definite "get off my lawn" type! What a fun owl! And half scale is the best!