Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Mini Roundup

To make up for my lack of blogging lately, I'm going to give you a mega post about all of the minis I've been working on. Sit back, get a cup of coffee, and prepare to be slightly worried about my sanity (again). BAHAHAHA!!

Maison McColl

I failed miserably at hacking off all of the leftover siding glue with my fancy scraper from Pa. I simply don't have the forearm/hand strength of my father, so the whole situation was bad. I decided to forget about it because those sides of the beams will be facing out toward the siding, so you'll never see them anyway. Instead, Gretchen and I took some time to dry fit the structure. It was very wobbly because I didn't use very much tape:

I love looking at this house from an angle so you can see the top front popping out like that:

I added in the existing floors and ceiling, which will all need to be replaced because they are Masonite, which tends to bow very quickly:

Pretty, pretty house:

I held up the bay extension to get a photo, but Gretchen insisted on marking the whole thing with her face, which made it tumble apart. Oh well, at least we know what it will look like eventually:

You'll have to forgive these blurry iPad photos for this next part...

I took a piece of matboard and traced the wall onto it:

I marked where the floors will be:

Then I put my wallpaper behind and in front of the beams. I played around for a while and then realized I just LOVE THOSE BEAMS and can't imagine covering them up. The wall looked quite magical like this:

Not so magical:

Having one set of beams showing made the other wall look so plain. Back to the beam-age:

I'm not entirely sure how I'll do these walls. I'll most likely sand them down and stain/seal them to make them shiny. No, it's not normal to have naked beams in your house like this, but whatevs. I LIKE IT!

Beacon Hill

I stuck the hat on top of the house to see how she looked. Very tall! Very regal:

The hat is actually on backwards right now, but that's OK. I cut out the center part to make the area open:

I needed room for the Wizard. I'll be sure to move him down a bit and turn him so that he faces the viewer:

Then I put together this cart that I was supposed to put together back in October for National NAME Day. Whoopsie. It's very pretty though:

It's going to live here in the Orchid/Plant Room. I also have some flower boxes and other kits to put in here eventually:

The top left room of the Beacon Hill was going to be many different things, including a Chicken/Rooster Room. Now, I feel that theme will work better in a different build, so I changed the theme of this room to be the Mini Makers Room. I'll put gifts from friends in here, along with things I buy from my favorite artisans over time. This room is quite small, and it has two dormer window openings hiding behind the wallpaper for now:

And then I started thinking about that box that's going under the Crime Museum. Yes, I still plan on burying a body under a trap door...

So I took the box and dirtied it up with paint:

It looks much creepier now than it did before:

It looked even creepier when I slid the box under the house:

Hmm... We seem to have a hip sticking out there. I'll need to work on it. I was actually creeped out by my own invention, so I covered it up with a tape dispenser and went about my business:

The Church

For something lighter, let's look at the church. I'm not sure I've mentioned this church on the blog before, so just in case I haven't, this is for my parents. It's a 1:144 kit from Templewood Miniatures:

It's a truly stunning kit -- the best 144 I've ever worked on -- and has tons of little details:

I bought this church as a gift for my parents over a year ago. I got... distracted. But now I'm back on it! Here you can see the delicate window frames:

I'm now at the point of putting on the stained glass windows, which came with the kit:


My computer even tried to label the faces in these windows as real people -- oh, silly iPhoto:

Does the church make up for the body??? I hope so.

I also hope you've enjoyed this mini round-up. HAPPY FRIDAY!


otterine said...

Marvelous! See, you were worried you hadn't been productive. I'd say you've been a busy bee. I love the beams, too!

Neomig said...

you have inspiring work! How do I follow your work?

Debora said...

You've been very busy! Good work, can't wait to see more.

terry said...

You are so talented, Blondie.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour, Blondie. Everything is awesome, as usual!

Sarah K. said...

That little church is gorgeous! Yep, totally makes up for the creepy dead body. :D

I do think it is genius, hiding a body under the floor.

Blondie said...

Thank you, everyone! Neomig, you can follow my work right here on the blog. :)