Friday, January 10, 2014

Introducing Maison McColl

I totally hate sharing photographs of my ugly carpet (remember IT'S A RENTAL), but sometimes, it has to be done. I was thrilled beyond belief when the Golden Gate View dollhouse from Morrigan showed up -- and so were the kitties.

I opened the box and was greeted by 8,000 packing peanuts:

I took everything out and rubbed it on my face smiled. Gretchen helped with inventory:

This house is MUCH larger in Real Life than it looked in the photos, which made me that much more happy. More room for minis! I was careful to keep the box and all of those peanuts because some of the pieces of the house are held on loosely, and I want to check to make sure nothing fell off in transit. That will be quite the chore with the kitties around all those peanuts, so my secret plan is to take the box to my parents' house so I can sort them out in peace. Don't worry, Ma, I'll clean up my mess.

I had been trying to think of a good name for the house for quite a while. All of my houses so far are named with their kit names, and I wanted to mix it up. In my Art Deco book, I found a gorgeous painting of a woman who lived in France in that era. Her name was Grace McColl, and she was painted by John Duncan Fergusson in 1930. Here is the painting. I know, right? STUNNING.

I decided to hang a wee version of this painting in the house and pretend Grace lives there all alone and does fabulous things and goes to fabulous parties. I wrote down a bunch of house names one night and tried to figure out something worthy of Grace. I asked Ma what "house" was in French, and she said "maison." I was going to name the house McColl Maison until my dear French-speaking April warned me it was Maison McColl. Thank GAWD I was saved from sounding like a stupid 'merican! So now the house is Maison McColl -- said with a faux French accent. Very elegant. I love it.

I haven't had ANY time to mini because I've been working so much, but I did have a few late nights of trolling the Internets to find paint ideas. The outside will still have its original Stick-Eastlake features, but I'm going to change the color scheme. Most painted ladies are super bright or pastel, which wasn't working for me.

Then the magic happened.

I found this image (the first one) of a GORGEOUS black/gold/cream painted lady. I'm totally going to copy this paint scheme. I made a Hobby Lobby run last weekend to get the paint. I really liked the Wrought Iron color I used on the roof of the Rosedale, so it's between that and a pearlized black I found from Folk Art. I also grabbed other Folk Art metallics to experiment with.

(My camera battery is dead again, so you get ipad shots.)

The four along the bottom left will go on the outside of the house. The bright colors will be used for furniture inside or for other things:

I also found some box feet in the scrapbooking section. I'm going to turn them upside down and use them for architectural elements. The little package is three Art Deco-ish telephones. The necklace circle will become a mirror, and the globe will be... a globe:

In the clearance aisle, I found these fantastic doorknobs. I'm going to hack off the screw parts and make them into little tables. The brightly colored jewelry charm begged me to come home and live in the TeenieTow. I said yes:

I also found this fantastic clock in the jewelry section. I'm going to hang it in Maison McColl:

Speaking of Art Deco clocks, I won this little beauty on eBay for cheap! It will work once I replace the battery. It's a little big for 1:12 scale, but I'll think of it as a large showpiece rather than a bedside or table clock. Love it:


Now I need to nail down the outer paint color scheme and figure out how to best disassemble the house. The siding was put on incorrectly by The Builder, so I need to take it off and redo it. It won't sit flush on the wall anymore, so I need to get some 1/8 inch wood sheets to make new outer walls. I still plan on keeping some of the inner beaming showing in some way. It's going to be so much FUN to figure out this puzzle. Now, if I only had more time...

My current work project will be finishing up relatively soon, so I'll be able to get started sooner than later. For now, I'll keep daydreaming in Art Deco.

(A HUGE thank you to Morrigan for this house. I'm over the moon with happiness.)


Debora said...

Wow, you are going to have fun! And cat inspectors on the job already!

Morgan said...

I love how creative you are Blondie! I think painting the house darker hues to give it a more gothic feel is a great idea! I always wanted a dark (probably black) house. I adore all of the 17th century dark colored houses of Salem, Massachusetts. I am very excited to see how this new house (and all of your houses for that matter) progress! Keep up the awesome work :)

Lyssa said...

I cannot express how excited I am by the idea of you painting this house predominately black. So. AWESOME.

Can't wait to watch it take shape!!

otterine said...

Hooray! :D I'm so excited for you!

A. Wright said...

*swoon* this project. I haven't seen a lot of art deco done in mini, this is going to make it so unique and gorgeous :D