Sunday, December 29, 2013

Golden Gate View Dollhouse Heaven

You may recall that I recently blogged about wanting to build the Golden Gate View dollhouse from scratch. I was very excited about this, but I was also OVERWHELMED. There are a lot of little pieces to the kit, and imagining doing all of that maths made mah head hurt. I knew Pa could help me, but Pa is very methodical and engineery, and I could envision myself sighing and staring at him as he carefully measured every single stick of wood at Blick. It would be like reliving every childhood moment when we went to the lumberyard together, which we did a lot, and I ALMOST DIED OF BOREDOM each time. Not good. (Says all this with EXTREME LOVE, Pa. *winks*)

So imagine my shock and RIDICULOUS EXCITEMENT when my dear friend who owned the already-built version of the house, Morrigan, told me she'd be OK with selling it to me. REALLY??? Really.

It's like the dark, crusty clouds of Winter Doom parted and a beautiful, brilliant SUN started shining on me.

I'm not even exaggerating.


Even though Pa would now miss his opportunity to help me with 8,000 fiddly cuts, he was actually quite impressed with the thought of me doing a rehab. He said it would give me the opportunity to learn new skills, which is always good. Rehabbing dollhouses can be tricky business, and this kit has its share of problems.

Enter the Courage Wolf:

Yeah! What he said!

This particular house has an interesting story. First, there was the Owner. The Owner gave the kit to the Seller, who put it together and painted part of it. The Seller mostly tack-glued the house together so people could see what it looked like. Then the Seller sold it to my friend Morrigan. She added some blue tape to hold it together while she took photos. That is her photo above, and here is the one of the inside:

I see so much potential. LOVE IT. In this photo above, you can see that there are masonite walls taped on. Underneath those walls, we have this:

I love the look of those beamed walls. I'm hoping to figure out a way to maybe showcase one of them. Like leave it exposed somewhere or add a design to feature the sticks. Who knows? I'll replace that masonite floor in the middle since it's sagging. I have plenty of sheet wood lying around, so making something new will be easy as pie.

*knocks on wood*

Anyway, everything was smooth sailing until we figured out how much it costs to send a heavy dollhouse through the mail. You don't even want to know, seriously. So the next option was to take that puppy apart and lay it flat. Morrigan carefully got it apart and lovingly piled it up for shipping:

It will be in the mail soon, and I will no doubt check on its tracking obsessively until it gets here.

Meanwhile, I had to start thinking about what this house was going to be like. I have a few themes that I'm saving for other projects, but I had yet to think of one that would suit the Golden Gate View. Then I remembered this little beauty that I got at the Davenport mini show last year:

Work it girlfriend:

Fun Fact: I've since discovered that this is a copy of a statue called Footsteps that was made by D.H. Chiparus in 1927.

You know what that means? Art Deco, baby. Art Deco all the way.

I ordered a used copy of Art Deco by Victor Arwas from the Amazon Marketplace. I have put flags on nearly half the book because there are so many interesting pieces of furniture and art in there. I intend to make this furniture all by myself, which means construction of the Golden Gate View will take a while. Thankfully, there is no deadline.

Unlike the Beacon Hill, which has separate rooms for the different themes, this house will be a straight-forward Real Life-ish house. I plan to have a kitchen/living room combo downstairs and a bedroom with a wee bathroom upstairs. I might make some false walls or doors with smoke and mirrors. Not sure yet. First, I have to get the house and stare at it for a while. Then, there will no doubt be a LOT of sanding and painting and gluing.

Patience, Grasshopper.

(said to self)

Anyway, a HUGE thank you to Morrigan for giving me this opportunity to FINALLY have this rare kit. I'm SO happy. And thank you to my parents for chipping in a bit of money toward the house as an early birthday present. You always give me such nice things that I pick out.



nanotray said...

Looking forward to seeing come together and being kitted out in West coast art deco.
Look up peter tucker roomboxes, for ideas about making art deco scale furniture.

A. Wright said...

This is going to be so awesome to watch :D

Neen said...

As an Art Deco fan, I look forward to your work. You always finish what you start, and do it well. Here is a wonderful website for all things Art Deco:

otterine said...

Hooray!!! :D