Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Real Life or Fantasy?

You know what sucks more than job hunting? Almost nothing. It's misery, plain and simple. Sadly, the company I was working for is having a blip in their freelancing budget (as is the entire publishing industry), so I finished up my contract and that was that. This has happened before, and it will happen again.

Usually, I am on the ball a little faster about finding a new contract, but my home office was overtaken by window removal and strangers and such, so I spent a few weeks working on miniatures, being incredibly frustrated, and starting to lose my mind. More Stupid Things happened, and it all snowballed, so I gave up and sat on the couch for a while.

Now, I'm back in the game. I'm on it. I'm looking, I'm reaching out, I'm the Master of My Destiny. Stuff like that.

Oh, how it sucks.

This last weekend, I went to visit Dorothy, Beloved, and Little with my folks. At one point, Ma was taking Little shopping for clothes, so I asked to be dropped off at Barnes & Noble instead. I wandered around the store, molested the pretty books, and researched some of my work industry's latest publications.

I recently read an article on called "Dave Eggers made me quit Twitter" by Michele Filgate. I was fascinated by the article, so I went and found The Circle and added it to my little pile of goodies. Then I checked out and went to read on the bench outside the store. It was a beautiful day, and I was so relaxed, and I was immediately SUCKED INTO the story. I'm in it. I'm in it good.

Mae gets a job at a company that is basically a combination of Google, Twitter, and Facebook. You can only imagine what that company must be like, eh? She gets completely absorbed in her work and work life, which is all too realistic. Knopf doesn't say how the book is classified on their site, but methinks most people would shelve it in fiction. I consider it as science fiction. The kind of science fiction that creeps you the f*ck out because it could really happen. It's like 2013's version of 1984. Except worse.

So I LOVE the book. Love it. Want to run back to the couch and read it right now. BUT I have a job to find. And looking for job while reading The Circle? It's really screwing with mah brainz. As I update my profile on LinkedIn or check the freelance message boards, I can almost feel The Circle coming to life around me. Fascinating. Life is imitating art is imitating life.

*hears breathing*

*slowly turns head to the right and down to see Webster patiently waiting for me to move my arm so he can jump up on my lap*

*breathes sigh of relief that it was just Webster and not Big Brother*

Yes, I will get a job. Yes, you should read The Circle. And yes, this book will make you want to quit Twitter. But I won't.

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