Friday, June 21, 2013

Wee Needlework

I finally finished the dragonfly for Auntie. I ran out of the purple and had to get a new purple, but I can't tell at all. I'm so happy I was able to find a purple that was THIS CLOSE to the exact same color. Whew! Regarding the framing, I emailed Auntie to see if she would like to frame it herself or have me choose one. I'll see what she says.

Then I got a wild hair up my a$$ to start on the Teresa Layman knotwork rug that I bought at the miniatures show back in May. Brae got this really fantastic frame holder to help her work on her knotwork rug, but I was feeling antsy and wanted to get started, so I just popped it in the frame I had on hand and stacked a bunch of pillows on my lap. These are wee French knots, which only do one twist instead of two:

The knots are SO tiny. I totally messed up when I first started because I was trying to do the knots right-handed. After seven Bad Knots, I watched this youtube video and reversed the process to do it with my left hand. I also need to use Colonial knots with this kit, so I watched this youtube video to figure out how to do those. You'll note that the woman in the videos is using a decent amount of thread. These little Layman kits only require ONE thread of embroidery floss. VERY TEENIE.

I worked on this little flower at my parents' house last night. When I first started, they were all, "Hmmmm, interesting...." But when I got the entire flower finished (not pictured), Ma was all, "WOW. THAT IS AMAZING!" That's more like it! It's hard to tell from this photo how incredible those knots look, so next time, I'll take a better close-up photo. For now, I send you off again to look at Brae's, which she's almost halfway through with. She's also working on a punchneedle rug, which you can see in that link also. It looks incredibly realistic, so I have a strong desire to buy a punchneedle, but COME ON BLONDIE, FINISH ONE THING AT A TIME. Ahem.

My little rug will be 3" x 3". According to the directions, there are roughly 2,000 French knots per square inch in one of these kits. So I be makin' a LOT of knots, people. It's a good thing that I find the process extremely relaxing and fulfilling. It's fun to watch it grow. And I know when I'm done, I'll have an extreme sense of satisfaction. Sweet.

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A. Wright said...

We're only supposed to do one thing at a time? But what happens when you need a break from it?