Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sometimes You Get What You Need

You may recall that random dead deer in my ditch that refused to rot away?

Guess what?

It's gone.


And I don't just mean that the flesh has finally fallen off and left the bones behind. I mean the ENTIRE F*CKING DEER IS GONE.

Sometime last week, I noticed some Large Machinery doing something annoying outside. I really hate the sound of random machinery, such as big things digging in the ground all afternoon making thumping, beeping, and banging noises. It gets old QUICKLY. And when I looked out the window, I was quite alarmed. What are they doing to my driveway??

Every few years, the city of Farmsville decides they need to do some project, and all of the sudden my entire road is torn up. A few years back, they ran water and sewer lines out here in the country, and my driveway has never been the same. It's had a "dip" for quite a while. Since I just got a load of fresh gravel this spring, I didn't want the "dip" to return.

Imagine my surprise when I drove out of my driveway and noticed the entire ditch was gone. Apparently, the county does this every few years to keep the water flowing in the right direction. My land is kind of slopey, so I can see how they would want the land to veer down a bit to drain into the nearby creek (or "crik," depending on which part of Iowa you're from). In order to make that happen, they had to dig down about three feet for the entire length of the ditch. The ditch that held the biggest, foulest, nastiest buck I've ever seen in my life for the better part of a year.

*inhales fresh air deeply*

I've been asking Mother Nature (and random firemen) to come get this deer for SO long. I'm happy to say there is no trace of it left -- not even the darkest of dark green grass that had started growing around it.


Lesson Learned: If you ask the Universe really, really nicely, it might grant you one wish.

Note to Self: Maybe ask for a different kind of wish next time. One that involves lots of money.

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A. Wright said...

*take a big long deeeep breath* AHHHHHhhhhhh. Hooray :D