Monday, March 25, 2013 A Review and a Great Giveaway

[FTC Disclosure: I am being compensated for this review and giveaway by, which I think is pretty awesome. All images in this post are c/o, used with permission.]

Who is ready for a review/giveaway? Isn't it the perfect thing for a Monday? I thought so, too! reached out to see if I would be interested in checking out their site. Paper? Pretty things? Count me in.

As a blogger, I was very happy to see a nice line of business cards, which we all need to have for conferences and schmoozing. I like this "Initial Caps" one:

I also really like the "Hello, I'm a" business card. Very snazzy for my Real Life job, indeed:

Minted also has some very cool original art prints. I'm in love with "Lucky Girl":

And, in a nod to my miniature work, "Enjoy":

But what really gets my fire going is journals. I mean, come on, who doesn't love a good journal? The one up top is my favorite. It's called "Pretty Poppies." (POPPIES! POPPIES!) And I really love that I can choose between blank, lined, or graph paper. I love graph paper. It reminds me of my wonderful father.

Other favorites include "Chalkboard Dreams":

And "Foxy":

And "Dreamy":

What I'm really liking about this site is that I can personalize everything. Every time I try to leave a page, it gives me one of those warnings that asks me if I really want to leave. This is super handy because if you've been personalizing something for like an hour and you accidentally click the "back" button, you won't lose everything. Been there, done that, and it's NOT fun.

Because I love you, dear readers, I realize that some of you are probably getting married or have the kiddos that I do not have. So I will go ahead and link up to the wedding and kiddo sections of There are also a whole bunch of party invitations and decorations for all kinds of fun events. Just because I don't need to go there doesn't mean you don't. See? I'm a nice single/childless blogger. (I didn't have to do that, for reals. I'm just feeling that friendly this morning, which is weird because it's MONDAY. OOF.) also has a bunch of other cool features and products, so go check it out. I think it's a really pretty, fresh site. You can design your own things, vote on things that have been created by others, and create inspiration boards. I'm very impressed. Seriously.

So now comes the wonderful giveaway part! WHEE! is offering a $50 credit to their site to one lucky reader. And get this -- it's international. I checked because of all of you crazy awesome international readers I have. (love you, kisses)

How can you win? Simply leave a comment on this post by midnight Friday, March 29th. There are no hoops to jump through here because I like my giveaways to be as easy to enter as possible. Simple comment, say whatever you please, one entry only with one comment. I'll use a random number counter thingie to choose the winner and hook you up with WHOOT!

Have fun looking around the site, and good luck with the giveaway!




Meg said...

Wow, lots of lovely stuff! How fun!

J. Petsch said...

ooooh sign me up!! I love - I was just over there perusing the business card section!

Ellen Finch said...

Loooove the business cards. Very cool for side gigs that don't have anything to do with the day job.

A. Wright said...

Adorable, sign me up please :)

Gra (still in Kuwait) said...

Looks good- and who doesn't love a freebie?! I might have to make a little sojourn onto their website.

M'ris said...

i love their stuff. esp the robot cards!

Anonymous said...

Sign me up! That site is awesome! Thanks for passing it along.

Melanie said...

I'd love to win, they have gorgeous stuff... thanks for sharing!

space cadet Carrie said...

I've been lurking on here for ages now (LOVE your blog!) and its taken the chance to own some beautiful journals to lure me out! Not sure what that says about me?!
These are gorgeous and I'm going straight over to the site to check it out. Very glad to here they are international :)
Thanks for sharing it.

JK said...

always get my Christmas cards made through LOVE THEM!

Natalie said...

This stuff is amazing and adorable! Love.

Rita Arens said...


WhooshEr said...

I want too!

Average Jane said...

Pretty stuff. Want!

otterine said...

Marvelous!!! Count me in! :D

Julie said...

thanks for making it easy to enter :)
great giveaway

michelle said...

I would chost the yellow thank yous

sally M said...

I would get a banner