Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Scaring Myself for Entertainment Purposes (It Worked)

Last night, Pa and I had our Father-Daughter Date Night. It's been a while since we've done this. We get together when Ma is at her women's group meetings, and they happen sporadically throughout the year. Last year, I got on a roll making Pa watch horror movies with me while Ma was gone. Ma HATES horror movies. Do NOT talk about anything sceeeeery around my mother. Ever.

I headed to the movie store and picked up Possession. I refuse to link my blog to it, so you'll have to google it on your own.


I knew I wanted to see the movie when I saw the trailer sometime last year, but I never go to movie theaters anymore. I didn't want to watch it by myself, so this was the perfect time to see it. Pa would protect me. After working on our clock a bit and sending Ma on her way, we popped it in.

The movie itself wasn't really that scary. In fact, halfway through, I was thinking I'd chosen a true dud. The basic premise revolves around a little girl finding a box at a yard sale. It's a HUGE MISTAKE to buy this box because it turns out to be a dibbuk or dybbuk box, which is a traditional Jewish wine box that holds a... bad spirit. Demon? Basically, it's Something Evil.

So yeah, the movie was a little slow in the scary department. In fact, halfway through, I stopped to use the restroom, found a Lego box in my parents' room that they keep around for Little, and popped out with it to make it whisper my father's name. I was all "Bahahaha, look a scary box!"

I should have known better than to joke about such things.

True to form, Ma showed up 5 minutes before the movie was finished. She had to go in her bedroom and sit there until we were done. I really wanted to watch the special features of the DVD because I've read online about this movie, and I know it's "based on a true story." I've seen the initial ebay auction information for The Box. I've even seen photos of it online. In fact, I read the description from wikipedia to Pa before we even started the movie (therefore ruining the plot line, oh well).

But the special feature on the DVD? IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME. Seriously. I'm not even joking. My laundry was finished, and I was too scared to go down to my parents' creepy, dark basement and get it out by myself. I'm 35 years old! I was too scared! I actually made Pa go with me down there to get the laundry.

Unfortunately, Ma was home now, so we couldn't discuss the movie or the little special feature that was about the Real Life dibbuk/dybbuk box. I wanted to know what Pa thought, but I had to avoid the topic so we wouldn't scare Ma.

I tried to leave the DVD at their house. I wanted Pa to return it to the movie store for me. Oh no, they wouldn't let me get away with that. They gave me the DVD and told me to return it myself. So I drove back to the movie store at 10pm and put it in the overnight drop return thing to GET IT AWAY FROM ME.

Then I came home and freaked out. I walked in the door, thought I saw something, spun around, and was shocked to see bright, fancy pieces of paper with GOOD WORDS all over them. I had to giggle at myself.

I did get to ask Pa one question: "What did you think of the movie?" He said, "Blair Witch." Basically, Pa was saying in code that anything can be marketed, faked, built up, and made into an intense urban legend when none of it is real.

However, my father IS a religious man, so he did acknowledge that there are certainly good and bad forces in the world. I am NOT religious, but I AM spiritual, and I do believe in good and bad forces as well. I also have a healthy respect for ancient Jewish traditions due to all of those Religion courses I took in college.

Do I believe in the box that the movie is based on?

Yes, I do.

I seriously do.

I do NOT believe that the box in the movie is haunted. That's just a prop. But there is NO WAY I would ever let anyone open the Real Box anywhere near me. Even watching that special feature had me quite worried. But it was also super late and I was tired and it was REALLY dark outside and I live in the country all alone in a creaky old farmhouse. I was jittery.

When I got home, the kittehs distracted me by purring and being adorable. Then, even though I was really tired, I made myself watch Teen Mom 2. By the time that was finished, I was back to my old self and no longer scared of things that may or may not go bump in the dark. I crawled into bed and had no dreams whatsoever, especially not nightmares. PHEW!

All is well in Iowa.

But if you want to be scared, you know what to do.


Anonymous said...

I love horror movies but have trouble finding ones that really scare me. Old Stephen King movies like Carrie and The Shining Are great. I Will check out Possesion and make sure to watch the extra feature!

Brooke said...

I'm not big into scary movies, but I love watching those paranormal reality shows, paranormal documentaries and books. I'm obsessed with 'haunted houses' of any sort. I keep telling myself I need to stop because I have horrible nightmares like you wouldn't believe, but I just can't stop lol. Point of the story is: I'm very happy you didn't have any nightmares :)

otterine said...

I'm usually alright with scary movies, until it involves a house that's after you or starts to bleed from the old peeling wallpaper. :O Where do you hide when the damn house is after you?!!! Like Amityville horror....uh, no.

Rita Arens said...

You just wrote the best teaser copy for that movie known to man.