Friday, February 22, 2013

Planning the Serial Killer Room

You can't really tell from the picture, but this scrapbook paper has silver shiny reflections when you move it in the light. It's just normal/creepy enough to be perfect for the serial killer room in the Beacon Hill. I have stalled out on the ceilings for the Wizard of Oz rooms. I got a good suggestion for them, but then I realized you can't see the ceilings that well in there AND it would take roughly 10,000 or so mini flowers to cover it all up. So. Much. Work. Maybe devote that energy and money to something else? WAH. Yes.

Moving right along.

I bought parquet flooring kits for the bar/library room, but when they came in the mail, I realized I had calculated incorrectly (no surprise there) and now I only have half of the flooring I need.


I don't want to spend money ordering more supplies and waiting around for them. I WANT TO WORK ON MY HOUSE! MEEP.

The other day, I found the above scrapbook paper. I was drawn to it because I like things that are commonly known as "pretty/ugly." And it's shiny (even though you can't tell). I bought three 12x12 sheets of this paper, which I now realize probably won't be enough because that is just my luck lately.

Anyway, I found that this paper said "serial killer wallpaper" to me. There is something about it that is a tad on the normal/boring side and a tad on the WTF? side -- JUST LIKE SERIAL KILLERS. It was meant to be.

I went through my paints and found that I already have an orange-ish color that goes with the darker tones. This morning, I put the first coat of that on the ceiling of this lower left room here:

[Nevermind that yellow brick road in the center that is not yellow.]

The lower left room of the Beacon Hill is called "the kitchen" in all of the directions. No kitchen for me. In fact, my house won't have a bathroom, either. The little people will just have to hold it. Forever. There is a box bay with three windows that goes on the left side of the serial killer room. I haven't put it on yet because I wanted to figure out the ceiling and wallpaper first. (Well, I really wanted to start with that lower right room bar/library, but now that's not gonna happen until I order more parquet kits, which by the way have a BILLION pieces. Why do I do this to myself? I suppose I love it.)

In order to complete the serial killer room, I need to:
  • Give the ceiling another coat of orange-ish.
  • Install the bay window box.
  • Wallpaper three walls in the room, being mindful to try to line up the pattern. (laughs at self)
  • Install the flooring.

Then, I'm free to decorate, add lighting, and get some furniture for that room. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!


If you look carefully at the house, you can see that it has a foundation piece on the bottom. It's about... 2 or 3 inches tall? Under the house, it's hollow. So I'm thinking I should make a trap door in the floor of the serial killer room that leads to a secret underground compartment. Then I can cut a hole in the foundation, install a Plexiglas window for it, and you'll be able to see what's "buried" under there. I mean, come on. All good serial killers put sh*t in the crawl space. AM I RIGHT?

I really, honestly am starting to feel that perhaps I am losing my mind. I blame all of the sanding. And the snow. AND FEBRUARY.

*deep breaths*

But do you know what I need in order to cut the hole? A new tool. I need this new tool, which is IN THE MAIL that I bought to cut a new window in the upstairs room above the serial killer room (and to cut into the heads). It is also a sander, which is going to save my sanity, or what remains of it:

Image c/o Harbor Freight Tools

But nothing ever comes in the mail when I'm desperate for it, so I haz a wait. Again.

I thought about my beautiful wallpaper getting all dusty when I sawed into the floor. No. So I wait. At least ONE ceiling is painted...

Speaking of the floor, I know I want some kind of hardwood flooring in this room. I just happen to have TWO sheets of hardwood dollhouse flooring in my stash already, but it won't work for the serial killer room. I want the floorboards to come up with the secret room trap door and sit relatively flush and unnoticeable when it's shut (perhaps hidden under rug). If I install the flooring I have, I'll just make a huge mess when I go to saw into it. I think I'm going to have to make the whole floor myself out of skinny sticks and figure out the trap door while it's being created.

But while I was on the phone telling my father about all of my plans this morning he said, "Well, you know you want to do the floors last, right? Floors always come last."

*head hits desk*

Which part of my dollhouse CAN I work on?

*chases own tail*

So yeah. All this is taking waaaay longer than I want it to, but Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is Blondie's Beacon.

Who has beer?


A. Wright said...

I'm gonna go out on limb here and disagree with your dad. You can do the floors first, just be sure to cover them if you paint anything after the fact. Painters tape and paper mail flyers work great in mini and real sized houses for this job!

If it gets dusty in there, whip out the vacuum :D

Blondie said...

My father said to tell you he DID tell me I could do the floors and just cover them. I'm choosing to "not remember" that he said that. Hahaha.

A. Wright said...

LOL. I see, scapegoating on Dear Dad and you got busted!

Blondie said...

Sooooo busted. LOL.

Lyssa said...

Ahahah, you sound so much like me in this post. Love it. And PLEASE put creepy shit in the basement!!!!! DOOOOO ITTTT!