Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ginger Gets a Makeover

Some of you may remember Ginger from the old days. She was made back in 2006 when I was just beginning to dollhouse. Ah, memories...

She started out like this as a 1:12 doll kit from Kitz. I also bought a package of auburn hair, which I still have plenty of. Good thing for this poor gal:

Poor Ginger has seen better days. She's been in storage and then collecting dust in the Observatory. I took her out the other day to pose her next to a new piece of furniture and realized she was a HAWT MESS. Something had to be done.

I sat her down on an old, ugly chair I got off ebay a bazillion years ago and looked at the rat's nest:

To really appreciate it, you have to see the side. It kind of looks like she's a murder victim and has crusted blood on her head:

Her outfit was made from a scrap of material and double-sided sticky tape. The sewing skills? I don't have them. And at that time, I didn't have my grandmothers' sewing machines. The outfit is stuck together quite nicely with the tape, but it's very shabby. Poor thing:

My first decision was to cut off all of her hair. I went for it whole hog:

I sent a picture of her in this state to Brae, who wrote back that she looked like that scene from the movie Elizabeth when the queen has her wig off. SO TRUE. I tried to find a picture of that for you, but google failed me. But if you know what we're talking about, you get it.

So I kept snipping. I used my X-Acto knife to shave off the crazy bits:

I am NOT a pro at doll wigging. There are tutorials for how to do these things perfectly, but I am not that crafty. As long as she looks relatively normal, I'm good. So I put glue on her head and went for it with more hair (please note, her body has a small corset on it -- she's not actually nekked here):

Then I glued more bloody mess hair all over the place:

While her head was drying, I made her a new dress out of a scrap of material left over from my Pippi Longstocking outfit. I put a little border along the bottom for bling. (This was all also done with double-sided sticky tape. I still don't have the Mad Sewing Skillz.) Then I put her hair in low ponytails:

The ponytails? They were OUT OF CONTROL. I had tied them back with embroidery floss, and then I turned her around to fix them a little bit:

And then I gave her a haircut. I did a good job of "layering" the right side, but the left side is still kind of wonk. Whatevs.

How do I look?

Oh, honey, you look great:

And remember her old friend from the first Ginger post? They're having a grand time getting reacquainted on the barrel couch:

Let's hope I don't shove them in drawers and forget about them for years again...

But seriously. Now, Ginger can help me figure out 1:12 scale and enjoy the Beacon Hill. WHEE!

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A. Wright said...

I made one of those gals from Kitz years back too, poor thing has probably decided she's permanently homeless and is making due with the cabinet. Nice job with the new hairstyle and dress :)