Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Mini Newfs

It takes a long time to side a house this big...

The other day, my mother commented that I hadn't been blogging very much lately. So true. I've been away from the blog. Why? Well, it's partly because My Back Hurts, and sitting here can be torture after a while. The other part is that I've made some New Friends, and they've been fulfilling my need for chatter.

I love a good Newf, and the great thing about these ladies is that you can read their blogs. YAY! They are both amazing miniaturists, and I'm learning a lot from them. They are Brae and Lyssa.

[Pauses so you can look at their blogs and have your jaws drop when you see how good they are.]


Lyssa just won FIRST PLACE in the 19th Annual Creatin' Contest for her mind-blowing Mt. Ollopa Lodge. (This was the contest I entered with the Cattery. I did NOT win, but I had great fun, so no harm no foul.) Brae has won numerous contests because she is obviously incredibly gifted in miniatures. I am currently obsessed with her Haunted Heritage because the outside falling-off siding looks like Farmhouse Villa's siding in Real Life.

Both of these women intimidated me heavily before I reached out to them because they are SO GOOD. As with all hobbies, when you run into people who are way better than you are, it's easy to feel jealous or scared or MEEP your head off like a fool. Luckily, both of them are on my Greenleaf mini forum, and they're super NICE and HELPFUL. And even though do not have their mad skillz, they like me anyway. Sweet.

I have recruited them to help me with the heads. I'm emailing them ideas and bouncing them around, and they've both been extremely helpful with figuring out the little details. As an added bonus, we've chatted enough that I've gotten to know them both quite well and now consider them friends. New friends. Newfs. Love 'em.

So Ma, you can blame Brae and Lyssa for me not blogging. They are so nice and friendly and wonderful that I have been distracted. I am happy to dump the blame on them instead of myself because I'm a deflector like that. NOT MY FAULT. I kid, I kid. I haven't been talking to them the whole time. I've been siding the Beacon Hill and watching a lot of television as well.

But seriously, it's been wonderful to make new online connections. I love "meeting" other bloggers and having conversations offline with them. It reminds me of all the good fun I have at the BlogHer conferences each year.

Thank you, Brae and Lyssa for being my buddies. I apologize for the public gushing. Kinda.


otterine said...

Aw, thanks so much! It's fabu to have new friends who are not only like-minded but enjoy the same things! Hugs! :D

Lyssa said...

Hehehe, neeeerrrrrrrrrrd. :) THANKS! You made me blush! I had no idea that IIIIII intimidate people. I feel like a rock star now. :D I am glad to have new friends, too. Newfs. I dig it.

Blondie said...