Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gifts of Love

Today, I got the best thing in the world -- a huge, unexpected delivery from the UPS man. For a few years now, Dorothy has gathered up Little's schoolwork and divided a bunch of it between me, my parents, and Beloved's parents. It's SO FUN to get her little stories, pictures, and creations. I opened my magic box with anticipation. I'm always so proud of Little's things. As I read through them, I stopped short when I saw one homework assignment.

I've seen a lot of Little's homework assignments that reference grandparents in one way or another. As a writer of children's educational materials, we often have children write about their grandparents, siblings, or parents as a way to relate to what they are reading. Aunties don't quite fit into the mix as easily -- even I have never written instructions to reference an aunt. So I was surprised and touched when I saw the above assignment.

Little was obviously assigned to compare two different texts. There was more on the bottom that told how the stories were similar, but I was too focused on myself what she wrote at the top:

This story made me think about my aunt and how she made a doll house for me and how my mom's grandpa made things out of copper for her.

This helps me understand their relationships and how they felt about each other.

Later on, she says the stories showed "how much they care about each other."

I got misty, oh yes I did.

Yes, our grandfather made us beautiful things out of copper. And yes, I did make Little a Princess doll house when she was 3. And OH MY how wonderful that she compared these two acts and found them to be alike. I've never been compared to my grandfather in this way, and it feels so good.

But what was this? Another package! From my dear friend Average Jane. And it was KITTEH MADNESS! They were all packed in little air cushioning things. I had a blast taking out each one and seeing how different they all are:

Average Jane offered these kitties to me when she read that I was working on the Cattery. They were her grandmother's, and now they are mine. It was another sappy moment of loving Average Jane and my crusty black heart beating with joy. Gretchen liked them, too. She tried to carry this one away:

The three little yellow ones are the perfect size for the Cattery, so they will be heading into the cat party soon:

And what is this? Another little gift from Little! It's yet another little kitteh:

This one is 1:12 scale, which means it will fit purrrrfectly in the Cattery, too.

Sometimes, it's nice to be reminded "how someone feels about you," just like Little said. Recently, Sassymonkey sent me flatware out of the blue, which I desperately needed. Now Average Jane has sent me sentimental cats. And my sis and little niece have also sent me gifts of love. I feel loved. It's the best way to start a new year.

Thank you so much.

And now I have ideas for thank you presents...


Average Jane said...

So glad you like the kitties!

To clarify, they were gifts from my grandmother, but that doesn't take any of the sentimental sheen away, I don't think.

I think they have a much better home with you because I've had them packed in a box in the basement for many years.

Blondie said...

Ah, I see. Either way, they are fantastic!! They are having a party in the bookcase behind me. I'm very happy to have them!

Melanie said...

I love that you get some of Little's school work, I throw much of my kids away but I just dont think my sisters would be impressed with getting any (perhaps because we live in the same city/see each other a lot?) anyway its very cool.