Friday, January 25, 2013

Found Objects: Little Orphan Annie

This episode of Found Objects is brought to you by Little Orphan Annie. I had her when I was a little girl, and she was one of my favorite things ever. She stands perhaps two inches tall at the most. That champagne cork is a few inches behind her, and it's nearly her height when it's right next to her. It was a beast to take this photo because a certain yellow kitteh eyeballed Annie and thought she looked like a GREAT TOY!


Well, for ME Annie was a great toy. Sadly, she was a victim of my house fire back in college. Somehow, Annie made it into the prized stash of trinkets that I took along when I moved away from home. She has fire stains and smells kind of firey still, but I've never tried to clean her. Instead, I tucked her away in a special bag and then into a box and had forgotten all about her until now. Welcome back, Annie. I will find you a space in the Beacon Hill one day.

I had a connection to Annie as a child because she was one of the only "good" redheaded characters I could look up to. I sang her songs at the top of my lungs and rented a VHS copy of her movie so many times from the local store that I probably wore it out. I loved the idea of being a secret orphan. I wanted the broken locket.

Instead, I had wonderful parents, a great sister, and a nice, big house to grow up in. The horror!

But there is still a part of me that relates to Annie. We are both tough, strong fighters. Which is why I will be JUST FINE when I go to get my back epidural and steroid shot in MY SPINE on Monday. I've been promised "twilight sleep" and lots of drugs to calm my raging anxiety about this matter. We'll see. I will keep Annie in mind, and maybe she'll give me some extra courage.

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