Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Gift for WhooshEr

I was going to keep this project a secret until it was finished, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized HOW CAN I NOT BLOG ABOUT THE GIANT MANNEQUIN HEADS IN MY HOME??

Really? Could YOU keep these a secret? I think not.

Let me 'splain. Many years ago, I "met" whooshEr online. We both have ear whooshes, yes? And then I met her in Real Life in NYC last summer. I loved her more upon meeting her than I ever could have imagined. She's fantastic. She is SUCH a good friend to me.

For a while now, I've been trying to think of a nice gift I could send her (I have multiple gifts for her that I've somehow been too lazy to mail). Each gift seems not quite right, not personal enough, not whooshery enough...

And then I thought of it. I could buy a mannequin head and make a miniature scene in homage to pulsatile tinnitus right there in the ear/head. (Yes, I realize the girls are missing ears. It actually works better this way because I won't have to cut them off.) And why make one when I can make two? That way, whooshEr and I will always have each other... or have each other in each other's heads... Something like that.

So I bought the redhead on the left for me and the brunette on the right for whooshEr:

I will admit, when they showed up in the box, they were kinda scary. They were wrapped, but I unwrapped them and took the top picture and suddenly got a little bit creeped out. HEADS IN THE FARMHOUSE! It will be OK. They are less scary when you take them out and put them on the bookshelf to study them for a while.

My whoosh is in my left ear, and whooshEr's is in her right ear. I was going to cut the holes in the heads in those locations, but then I realized the right side of both heads is where they should go. The shape on that side is better for drilling/sawing. The girls are made of fiberglass, so Pa is going to have to help me get inside. I actually wrote to the company first and asked how thick they were and if it would be hard to cut into them? For such an odd question, I got a very nice reply. Yes, they are thin. No problem at all! 

So soon, there will be holes in these heads. Don't worry. I won't hurt them. Much. Right side whoosh? Coming up:

They really are quite stunning. However, my mini friends online who were helping me decide which heads to choose (secretly) did point out that the boobs/shoulders on these heads are a little strange. But I decided I didn't care. I loved the heads, and that was that:

Weird boobs and shoulders are perfectly welcome in whoosher world!

So, the plan is to cut a hole in the side of the head, insert a box, and decorate/fill the box. Make sense? I didn't think so. You'll just have to wait to see what happens.

Dear whooshEr,

It will take me a while to get our heads done. I'll need some time with Pa, power tools, and crafting goodies. And I'm sorry to spoil the surprise, but I just HAD to blog about this. You understand. It's just too odd, right? I've been staring at the girls for only a few days, and it was just too much. I had to photograph and share them with the world. 


I will do my best to not destroy them while I make little miniature scenes for us. The brunette will one day fly to NYC to live in your home and scare the crap out of anyone who stops by. They're really not that scary looking in real life, though. They grow on you. I promise.

You mean so much to me, and I love you dearly. These heads will be a symbol of our friendship, ridiculous health problems, and the childlike joy we can bring each other. WHEEEEEEE!





Go to whooshers.com for more information and follow their site on Twitter: @Whooshers

I don't have access to the Facebook page, but go to it HERE if you do!

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Anonymous said...

You should send her the one of you and you should keep the one of her, kinda like two halves of a heart, right?

On a side note, I really hope the FBI profile team never needs to come into your house what with the isolated farmhouse, mannequin heads with holes drilled in them, catteries, dollhouses, mini kittens, etc. I think I've seen an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI very similar to this.


Blondie said...

I originally thought about that, but the redhead grew on me... And yes, a CSI team would have a BLAST in here. Bahahahahaha!

terry said...

cracking up. very clever! and sweet!

WhooshEr said...

Ha! Love it. Thank you, Blondie! This is so sweet. You're the best. And I like my hair. :) I say give the FBI more reason to visit and maybe they can investigate the cause of your whoosh! :)