Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wee Secret Books

It turns out I am somewhat of a miniatures crack dealer. You see, I found these FANTASTIC micro mini (1:144 scale) books and got obsessed and told all my mini friends over on the forum and now we are all hooked on them. They are Robin Betterley's Secret Books, and they are AWESOME.

I ordered two versions of Bunny Tails -- one for me and one for Little. I mean, come on, I have to have one, too. (I also got Birchwood, but that is for later.)

I started by putting varnish on the artwork (above) and then I put together the shell. If you aren't familiar with 1:144 scale, it's SUPER TINY. Note the toothpick for scale. And in the photo above, that's the top of a medicine bottle holding the varnish. Here is the book being put together:

Then I painted the book with some dark teal paint I have for my Beacon Hill house:

Here is the finished shell with a Dew can for scale reference:

When it's put together, it looks like a regular VERY SMALL book:

But when you open it, there's a whole wee house inside:

Sliding out:

The upstairs is a bedroom for two wee bunnies. The bottom is an area to paint Easter eggs:

The insides of the kit come separately. I was a bit intimidated when I saw how tiny they are:

Last night, I decided to suck it up and give it a whirl. The pieces are so delicate that I thought I might break them. I remembered to go slow, breathe, and have patience:

Now all of the furniture is put together:

I don't want to go buy a whole tube of bright orange paint just for the carrot bedposts, so I'm going to have to mix my own orange. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's all finished.

YAY FOR MINIS! They are such wonderful winter projects.

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Melanie said...

those are amazing! i just cant get over how tiny it is.